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GMKPm Series Capacitor Racks (without reactor)

The Capacitor Racks GMKPm series is the ideal solution for manufacturing pure capacitor banks, optimising the maximum space in the cabinet. the design allows a convenient mounting, simple installation and easy maintenance. These racks with or without reactor are fits any cabinet types available in the market due to its standard sizes or on customer's request. That makes it an ideal solution to meet all kinds of needs that might be required, even under special circumstances.

Standard equipment

●Exchangeable modules fitted on metal frames.

●Could be interconnected up to Max.10Kvar to 120Kvar each rack of 100-690V.

●Capacitor duty contactors (or thyristor).

●Step protection fuses.

●Three-phase GMKP capacitors with internal safety system.

●Halogen free internal


●Reduce mounting costs

●easy replacement

●easy installation  

●easy maintenance

●simple connection

●long useful life

Technical data

Capacitance & Inductance Tolerance

C/L         -5/+10% capacitor and +3% reactor
Cooling naturally air-cooled(of forced air cooling)
Permissible Max Humidity H/el 95%
Maximum Permissible Altitude % normal1000m above sea level(Max.3000m)
Reactor Detunding without reactor
Switching Type special capacitor contactor or fast switching<20ms
Safety Features

capacitor:dry technology,overpressure/current disconnector,self-healing.

reactor:temperature protection


standard or on request

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Catalogue FRANKE GMKPm series PFC Racks (without reactor)

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