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Important Visit

Minister of Economic & Development Ministry of State South Dakota USA was visiting us in May 2011.

Mr.Bend, the minister of Economic & Development Ministry of State South Dakota USAvisited our company and had a conversation with our Managing Director Mike. 

During the two-hour meeting and the company tour to our new winding department and several production areas, Mr.Bend learned about the marketing policy of our company and discussed with us onfurther cooperation.The guest was impressed by our business in the world market especially our business plan in the US. 

The director of Nepal Electricity Authority was visiting us. 

On June 2012, Mr.Mahendral Lai Shrestha, the director of West & North NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) visited our company. Our Managing Director Mike welcomed the guests and showed them around the company and our new factory building.

During the one-day tour to our several production areas and office building, the director learned about the our technology, production, quality, service, as well as our marketing footprint in Nepal. Especially, the guests appreciated our long-term cooperation with NEA. At the end of the visit, the director completed inspection of our NEA Bid Order of more than 1000Pcs Pole-Mounting Capacitors & Device. Both party will consider further cooperation. 

In April 2014, Mr. Yves Schumann DBE(Director of Business Development) FGE visited WAYN Inc USA. we discussed with Mr. Wayne Rayne regarding the cooperation between FRANKE GMKP ENERGY and WAYN on the PFC products for their utilities as well as a distributor agreement. During this trip, Mr. Yves Schumann also visited our customers in Mexico.

In February 2015,Mr. Uger Yasa GM and Mr. Kadir Aydin, the Marketing Director AGROUP (an important partner of FGE in Turkey) visited us. We discussed the important issues including marketing in Turkey, sales plan in 2015, new products & new business area of FGE PFC such as active harmonic filter and FGE new innovation design products. 

In September 2017, Mr. P. Antoine our business development manager met with customers from Indonesia and Asia during the International fair Power Electric & New Energy Jakarta, these clients come in for representatives from the companies of TIGA Indonesia, SAW Sri Lanka, DEL Malaysia, L&T Indonesia, GEMS Korea etc.. We discussed how to provide better products and service for the market demand in Indonesia and Asia, at the same time we listened to these customer's different needs. Moreover, the Indonesia user has introduced the situation and effect of our active harmonic filter operation since last year.

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