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Project with SIEMENS

The following are the main projects we have cooperated with SIEMENS in recent years

The MV PFC system Wind Power Plant in Pakistan.

The PFC system German Hall EXPO 2011.

The PFC system Tianwan MW Nuclear Power Plant.

The series PFC system APP Industry.

The PFC system cement engineerings in Nigeria. 

The PFC system cement power PFC in Senegal.

The PFC project of  Xia'men  He Fei Airport.

The Polyurethane Project BASF Germany).

The PFC project of Huai Nan Lida Electric Industry Park.

The PFC project of Zhangjiagang Yangzi Spin & Weave Company.

The PFC project of  Shanghai Jingan Transportation center.

The PFC project of  Dehua Xin Mine Industry.

The PFC & AHF system of Chongqing Waterworks.

User's report by Siemens (on request)

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