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Project with ABB

The following are the main projects we have cooperated with ABB in recent years

The PFC Engineering in Saudi Arabia.

The PFC Engineering in Oman. 

The PFC Engineering in Kuwait. 

The PFC Engineering in Nigeria

The PFC Engineering in Senegal.

The PFC project of Sheraton Hotel Global.

The Xia'men xia men gong lu ju project.

The PFC project Xia'men Transportation Center.

The PFC project Xia'men  Ping An Building.

The PFC Xia'men Industry University.

The PFC project of  Xia'men Yong Hong Electronics.

The PFC project of Xia'men Hua Xin Technologies.

The PFC project of  Dehua Xin Mine Industry.

The PFC system Feipeng  Industry.

The PFC system Ruili Group.

The PFC ststem Dandong City Power Station.

The PFC project Shuijungfang manufacturer.

The ABB projects Global.

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