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The following are the main projects we have won in international tenders in recent years

The Volkswagen series projects of T88 Power Factor Correction Engineering, Bid No. VW/FGE-1404, total 12820Kvar.

The Olympic Engineering of 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Bid No. QO/FGE-1404, total 20Mvar.

The Siemens PFC project of a large Nuclear Power Plant in 2009, Bid No.PKSFGESIE-MVC-0932.

The National Power Tender of 614 sets capacitor banks of China State Grid in 2010,Bid No.JSDL-20100360.

The ABB project of a series engineerings in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria since 2010, Bid No. LVCABB/FGE/S/O/K/N/S-010673.

The bid of 300Pcs MV power capacitor for Italy power system Grid in 2010,Bid No.DCT/FGE-100011F.

The National Power Tender of 286 sets capacitor banks of China State Grid in 2011,BId No.JSDL-20100360-2.

The National Power Tender of 252 sets capacitor banks of China State Grid in 2012,BId No.JSDL-2010-06-08-11.

The International Bid of 1000 sets pole-mounting capacitors of Nepal Electricity Authorith (NEA)in 2012,Bid No.NEAPCF-12038.

The tender of 3000 sets capacitors of China State Grid in 2012,Bid No.CHNSP/FGE-12-08.

The tender of 250 sets MV capacitor & device of Turkey State Grid in 2013,Bid No.DCT/FGE-13005.

The Bid of PCF low and medium voltage of Chongqing Machine Tool Group in 2017.

The Siemens project of PFC and AHF of a large water treatment system in 2019.

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