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GMKPbw Series Automatic Capacitor Banks

The GMKPbw series Automatic Capacitor banks are especially designed to compensate the reactive energy in power networks outdoor for the normal load or with  harmonics content, permitting not only the correction of the fluctuation caused by lineal, but also the non-lineal electrical loads.


●Pole/outdoor mounting

●Static/Thyristor/Transistor or normal contactor switching

●More than thousand sets working the National Power Grid China

●Stainless steel case of IP54

●Automatic data transmission by RS483/232,GPS,GPRS etc

●Double compensation for 3phase &single phase  

●Special for Power Utility (capital management are available) 

Technical Specifications

●Rated voltage: 100-690V – 50/60Hz,power system.

●Maximum admissible current: >1.1 to 1,5 IN

●Tolerance of capacitance: 0 to +10%.  

●Type of harmonic filter: Reject type L-C and different detuning frequency of Hz.

●Detuning factor: 7%.14% etc.

Insulation test


-Testing voltage: 2.500V between terminals and terminals to case.


-Testing voltage: 2 x U + 1.000V, but not less than 1.500V between terminals and terminals to case.

●Temperature range inside the equipment

-Maximum Temperature: 45º C.

-Max. average over 24 hrs: 30º C.

-Max. average over 365 days: 25º C.

-Minimum Temperature: – 5º C.

-Life expectancy:Capacitors: > 100.000 h.

-Capacitor Duty Contactors: > 100.000 times.   

-Reactor:> 150.000 times.

●Auto-controller: automatic steps control

●Protection level: IP31

●Colour: RAL 7032

Technical date

Voltage range Un Main 400V,230V,400V,480V,525V(or on request),50/60Hz,power system
Power range Qn 15 to 200Kvar(special power range is available on request)
Protection level
IP54.outdoor/pole mounting
Case material
Stainless steel
Switching program
Compensation of three phase or single phase and commingle of three and single phase
Switching program
Thyristor fast switching <20ms(contactor switching is available on request)
RS485/232,GPRS ect
Position/capital management dy the PGS system,automatic dates transmission
With every 15 mins,1 hour,1 day or on request,special management requirement is available on request special for the power utility

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