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GMKPtsm CCBM II Series Thyristor Switches

GMKPtsm CCMBII thyristor switches special for the fast (real time) switching of three-phase or single-phase of 100 - 690V AC, 50-60Hz power system,  in general up to 60 Kvar capacitor controlled.The thyristor switch module makes reaction times less 20 milliseconds possible. The switching is done, practically without reactive effects, at zero voltage level (no voltage between input and output).This feature of thethyristor switchguarantees effective, stable operation throughout useful life.


convenient connection

excellent damping of inrush current

fast & soft switching of capacitor 

integral overheating protection

educed ohmic losses

long useful life of main contacts

LED switching indication

avoidance of voltage sags

●power of 10 to 60Kvar

Technical Data 

rate voltage  UN 400V three phase and 230V single phase,AC,50/60Hz
over current Imax 1.5In up to 1min
useful life TL 130000 hours
temperature LCT/UCT Max.55C,Min. -10C   (or on request)
cooling by the internal fun (22W,AC,220V) 
humidity Hrel max.90% 
altitude ≤2000m (or on request) 
mounting random
install indoor
safety over temperature protection,Max.80C
discharge included (internal discharge resistor system)
case extruded aluminum cases
protection  IP20 (optionally with lid for outdoor of IP54)
reaction period 1...20ms
time for the re-connection ≤40ms
control voltage DC12  +/-2V
terminals dual three-way terminal,max.72mm2cable
standard IEC60439, IEC146


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Catalogue FRANKE GMKPtsm CCMBII series PFC Thyristor

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