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GMKPBFM Medium Voltage Power Capacitors

GMKPBFM series medium voltage power capacitor in a steel can was designed for Power Factor Correction (PFC) in AC low voltage power system. The GMKPBFM capacitor unit is available in the range from 25 to 800kvar up to 24/36KV, loads like motors, power transformers, power line, as well as reactive power, the benefits of PFC are saving energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission. Our long year know how of GMKP capacitor technologies included Gas TechnologySpecial protection fuse, and Special design & process etc.


●Long life cycle (200,000 hours) ●Highest pulse current withstand capability     ●Corona-free 
●Very low losses   ●Internal fuse protection                             ●Terminal forhigh capacity cables with steel assistant

Technical Data

System Voltage (kV) Uo 6,10,12,24,35,110,132,245,500
Rated voltage capacitor Un 3640 V; 4200 V; 6350 V; 7350 V, 11000 V,24000V,35000V (other voltage on request)
Frequency fn 50、60Hz
Max. Over Voltage(V) Umax 1.1Un (up to 8 hours daily),1.15Un (up to 30 minutes daily) 1.2Un (up to 5 minutes), 1.3Un (up to 1 minutes)
Over-Current(A) Imax 1.3 In
Capacitance Tolerance(µF) Cn -5 % +10%
Test Voltage, Terminal / Terminal UTT 4.3 Un DC, 10 s or 2.15Un AC, 10 s
Test Voltage, Terminal / Case UTC According to relevant IEC standard for 10 s
Insulating Levels(kV)   10/40 kV; 20/60 kV; 28/75 kV; 38/95 kV; 50/125 kV
Dielectric & Capacitors losses   0.15 W / kvar & 0.5 W / kvar (with discharge resistors)
Life Expectancy   >200000 hours
IP Rating   IP 00, IP 42 on request, indoor and outdoor
Ambient Temperature Category   -40 /50 ℃ or higher
Cooling   Natural by air
Humidity   maximum 95 %
Max Altitude   1000 m above sea level or up to 2000m.
Mounting Position   Any position
Mounting   Side brackets
Safety Features   Internal fuses or without fuse
Case   Square - steel for indoor- steel with Zn layer or stainless steel for outdoor
Dielectric   Polypropylene film (all film),special oil or oil with special gas.
Impregnation   Environmentally friendly, non toxic(non-PCB)
Terminals   Porcelain, welded
Discharge Resistors   Included - 75 V, 3 min,and50V ,5min,or on veguest

IEC 60871-1:1997 EN 60871-1: 1997 EN CSN 60871-1; 1999 IEC 60871-4:1997 EN 60871-4: 1997 EN CSN 60871-4; 1999

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