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Our successful project of power quality and efficiency for the German Hall of the EXPO 2010.

Pavilion Preview                                                              

Theme: Balancity

Highlights: A City of Harmony and Balance

Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters

Pavilion Features                                                              

It is the epitome of a city, boasting the creation of a "harbor image" and a "dynamic tunnel" with urban scenes from Germany. This is the "Balancity," a magnificent crystallization of Germanic originality and technology. The structure is wrapped in silver membrane. A terraced landscape stretches from the ground level up to the third floor of the pavilion. Four exhibition structures appear to hover, creating a perfect roof for visitors.

Pavilion Display                                                                                

The theme of the pavilion is "Balancity." It demonstrates the importance of balance between modernization and preservation, innovation and tradition, community and the individual, work and leisure, and between globalization and national identity. Visitors will gradually explore various places typical of a city -- a harbor, a factory, a garden, a park and a depot where exhibits and urban projects from Germany will be on show.

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