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Important annual news in recent years

 in 2020,ABB revisits FRANKE GMKP ENERGY plant

In July 2020, the team of ABB, the world's electrical giant, inspected the factory of FRANKE GMKP ENERGY (FGE). This is another but more comprehensive inspection of ABB after FGE became the capacitor supplier of ABB in 2008.

FGE Capacitor factory was founded in 1999, and has experienced the investigation of ABB, Siemens, Schneider and other international famous companies. ABB's evaluation of product partners or suppliers is very strict and has its own system. In addition to the routine inspection of factory site, production process, quality control, service system and other processes, the ABB team composed of technical, quality, marketing and other relevant personnel took the latest international standard management evaluation system as the criterion, and combined with the unique requirements of ABB company, mainly including the following contents:

1. Pre production: including drawings, qualification documents, test, failure analysis, internal audit, approval, difference, expression and control, a total of 10 aspects.

2. Sub supplier management: including 9 aspects: process, list, requirement, standard, outsourcing, incoming inspection, special batch, inspection exemption and sampling, monitoring process.

3. Production / service execution: including 10 aspects of production start-up, instruction, sample, test, transfer, packaging, rejection, prevention, tool and status.

4. Logistics: It includes 4 aspects of delivery, logistics, delivery system, delivery guide, etc.

5. General requirements: including 14 aspects, including cross department, correction, improvement, communication, safety, training, traceability, operation, nonconforming products, measures, problem solving, change process, measuring tools and work area.

FGE responded to all 53 aspects of the five categories mentioned above. ABB team and FGE examination team will jointly review, exchange and improve the inspection contents one by one in combination with the production site and the sampling test of products and components. Finally, it is submitted to abb. In addition, the two teams also conducted the following technical and business exchanges:

1. Evaluation and selection of key indicators of capacitor, such as electric strength, dielectric structure, loss, specific characteristics, margin level, protection mode, discharge performance, operation protection, etc.

2. Evaluate and exchange the technical characteristics, product quality and operation of the world's major brand capacitors.

3. Evaluation and improvement of key links and key processes of capacitor design and manufacturing.

4. Reactive power (filter) compensation scheme and operation analysis, improvement and development.

5. Summary and improvement of bilateral cooperation

FGE and ABB have cooperated in the world for nearly 15 years, and the products have been running well. In addition, FGE has carried out relevant cooperation with many other world-famous companies.

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