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GMKPtj series cable termination was designed which in for electric connection in the power distribution system, the available rate voltage range up to 230KV, Our long year know how of GMKP capacitor technologies included Dry Technology, High vacuum Fuse safety system, as well as Additional special design etc.

Cold Shrink MV Cable Accessories

Performance Standard:IEC60502.4;GB12706.4

Cold Shrink Terminations kits & Joints

Cold shrink cable accessories are manufactured with advanced liquid silicon rubber,which has high resilience and strength,good electrical insulation ,is UV stable and adverse to water.The cold shrink cable terminations & joints applications from 1 to 36kV

(1kV,12kV,15kV,20kV,36kV) The simple installation of cold shrink cables accessories can help you save time and physical force.It improve your work efficiency, make the cables connect safely and reliably,assure your every connection correctly sealed and insulated for long protection.So our cold shrink MV terminations & joints are widely applied in power plant(nuclear),wind farm, substations,city subway etc.


1) It does not require heating by flaming nor special tools. As long as we pull out the plastic string from silicone rubber tube, the silicone rubber will be tightly shrunk on the needed position.

2) Reliable insulation to ensure superior insulation and high-recovery elasticity; we have adopted imported liquid-silicone rubber, such that the cable will keep its radial pressure permanently, making the contact surface closely jointed together, thus no flash-ores occur, nor strike as well.

3) Superior hermetic sealing: for cable splicing, we have adopted triple hermetic sealing technology and silicone rubber with hermetic and hydrophobic performance; these will be no serious fault due to environmental causes.

4) Easy/convenient installation: by enlarging the dimensions of stress-cone, larger tolerance will be permitted and faults due to installation are reduced to a minimum.

5) Wide usage: possessing a series of superior performances such as antipollution, long usage, hydrophobic, cold-withstanding etc. The cold shrinkable accessories can be widely used in various regions, especially suitable for high level region, cold weather region, high-humidity region, salt-fog region and high-polluted region, etc

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