Quintuple safety system of over pressure & over current.This prevents the capacitor from bursting at the end of its useful life or through electrical or thermal overload.

All capacitors featured in this catalog are consequently fitted with a disconnector that responds to overpressure. If numerous electric breakdowns occur at the end of service life or as the result of thermal or electric overload, the formation of gas produces a fast rise in pressure inside the capacitor case. With cylindrical cases this causes a change in length because of curvature of the lid or stretching of the expansion bead. Expansion beyond a certain degree will separate the internal wires and disconnect from the line. Then the capacitor receives no more energy and the development of gas stops.

FRANKE GMKP ENERGY has a special double electrical safety system, which not only prevents over-pressure, but also switches the capacitor off to prevent over-current. The purpose is to protect the capacitor against excessive pressure increase  inside. The inner connections are separated for this purpose from the main supply.