Internal discharge system

The internal resistors are FRANKE GMKP ENERGY special design. In case of high power consumption we avoid arcs outside the capacitor so that protect the equipment from burning or over-heating. Another advantage of this design is to reduction of the discharging periods with very low resistor losses and guarantee of safe place for installing the capacitor. Internal discharge system for extra reliability and safety.

One form capacitor cane and three cascade cylinder sealing

The capacitor cane is one from and three cascade cylinder sealing in case of no any possibility for leaks, these process for extra strong and safety capacitor cane.

Excellent capacitor terminal design

Reliable double terminals connection technology with benefits like simplified parallel connection of  capacitors, clamping device to avoid loosening of screws. Protection against electric shock hazard, cable cross-sections up to 32mm2.The enclosure is IP20 or IP55(with protection cover).

The element of square capacitor

The GMKP capacitor are elements which assembly the square capacitor(Series of GMKPBox Capacitors),housed in a single rectangular steel case and connected to the terminals, as well as the simple solution of fuse load switch capacitors(Series of GMKPFixed Capacitors) for the loads like electric motors etc.. The other features of the capacitors are especially intended for Heavy-Duty industrial applications with extreme demands for useful life, constant capacitance and high inrush current ability.