New Products
GMKPd Multi-Protection Low Voltage Power Capacitor
GMKPd Multi-Protection Low Voltage Power Capacitor:  -New design of 100% safety capacitor -Protection/alarm of capacitor failure & capacitor over
GMKPbw Series Automatic Capacitor Banks
GMKPbw Series Automatic Capacitor Banks:  -Pole/outdoor mounting -Stainless steel case of IP54 -Double 3 phase & single phase compensation -Static

GMKPtsm CCBM II Series Thyristor Switch
GMKPtsm CCBM II Series Thyristor Switch:  -Application of fast switching system -With Internal temperature protection -100-690V system,10 to 50Kvar -Over heating
GMKPc 800III Smart PFC Controller
GMKPc 800III Smart PFC Controller:  -Multi-function & LCD display -large capacity of 18 steps -Thyristor & contactor application -Temperature & harmonic control

GMKPBFM Series Medium Voltage Power Capacitors
GMKPBFM Series Medium Voltage Power Capacitors:  -Long life cycle (200,000 hours) -Highest pulse current withstand capability -Corona-free -Very low losses

FRANKE GMKP's customers & partners are counting to the worlds top 500 enterprises in a wide range of different fields of industry & business; some of the most important partners are:           

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Our Filter Capacitor Bank was  operation in Japan NOK Industry,a world famous company since 2004.

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In Feb. 2013, FGE was a successful partner of ABB for the supply the 525V series power factor correction and filter products once again of the cement electric engineering in Saudi Arabia.

In Mar. to Dec 2014, FGE was a supplier of the several new projects of VOLKSWAGEN, including T88 Project 12820Kvar,Engine project 1620Kvar, Painted Ornament 1080Kvar and Technical Center 1440Kvar.

In 14th to 17th April 2014, FGE (FRANKE GMKP ENERGY) take part as exhibitor in the 2014 IEEE International Fair ( IEEE 50th) Chicago USA, top reference of Conference & Exposition in the fields of Transmission & Distribution & Electrical which takes place every two year in North America. International Distributors, potential customers and visitors in general, approached to our stand getting surprised by the new corporation image, showing interest in our Power Factor Correction ,Energy Management products as well as our new products of smart Var system and solutions.

In May 2014, FGE was a successful winner of the series project of the Youth Olympic Nanjing, the business contract included completed power factor correction products and the technical service. Moreover, FGE has provided the similar products for the summer Olympic in 2008 for the green Olympic improving.

In Jul. to Oct. 2014, FGE has provided series special design PFC products for the power efficiency projects inDominican Republic,Nigeria, and Pulau LangkawiMalaysia, for the improving energy quality and reduce CO2 emission.

In Aug. 2014, FGE was a successful bidder of the project that one of theChinalandmark building ,ShanghaiInternationalFinanceCenter.

In Sep. 2014, FGE company has worked with ABB on a special power quality project in Saudi Arabia, the product is 575V 189Hz detuned power factor correction device, Moreover, FGE has provided series products of more than 10 projects to the region since 2012, for the sake of improving energy efficiency, while lowering the emission of CO2.

In Nov. 2014, FGE’s PFC range is now extended by a new line of our innovative & new concept capacitor, cylindrical GMKPd series Multi-protection capacitors, complete safety & long useful life. The capacitor designed with a special terminal for the protection of capacitor failure & capacitor element over temperature, the application are detuned/filter PFC system as well as utility, government building, computer center, electric railway, new energy of wind & solar power etc.

By Dec.2014, FGE has continually supplied the China National Southern Power Grid (CSG) 10 times with Power Factor Improve & Power Filter products, therefore in 2015, FGE has been a supplier of the products to CSG for seven consecutive years.

In Jan. 2013, FGE (FRANKE GMKP ENERGY) presents its new catalogue of Power Factor Correction Low Voltage which extends and improves our product range. Among other new products, new market needs are included, as well as the modular and cabinet type of GMKP AHF active harmonic filter.

In Feb. 2013, FGE was a successful partner of ABB for the supply the 525V series power factor correction and filter products once again of the cement electric engineering in Saudi Arabia.

In Mar. 2013, FGE was a supplier of VOLKSWAGEN once again, the series power factor products were included 250V GMKP capacitor, GMKPr reactor, and GMKPc800II smart controllers for their weld machines applications.

In Apr. 2013, FGE presents the full range of new Multi-Protection Capacitor, GMKPd series, which offer the following improvements:

-capacitor failure protection

-capacitor over-heating protection

In a word, the GMKPd is a really safe and durable capacitor.

In May 2013, FGE were a successful winner of a international tender of low & medium capacitor etc. of Chongqing Machine Tool Group in China, the bidders are included several famous brands like German etc.

In Jun. 2013, a FGE specialized design of single phase, 280V, large inrush current capacity capacitors with was chosen by HONDA Automobile Japan in order to improve the power factor & reduce the harmonics of their weld production line.

In Jul. 2013, FGE was the supplier partner of KLOCKNER MOELLER Electric for a very special & important electric engineering of China national carrier rocket, the products included 480V series power factor correction, moreover FGE was the supplier partner of Siemens once again within one year period for the power quality engineering of APP paper Group.  

In Aug. 2013, The http://wwwco2-bc.com, this new brand of our group was operated online , focus the future economy and development, thanks to the help of our current business, reduce carbon dioxide emission by the way of improve the power quality.

In Sep. 2013, FGE has received a big order of 10470Kvar 480V series products from ABB for the Nigeria Cement Electric Engineering that improve the power quality of the production lines.

In Oct. 2013, FGE has taken part once again as exhibitor in the CER 2013 Solar & Wind Power Fair & Conference, top reference in the new energy electric field which takes place every year. International Distributors, potential customers and visitors in general, approached to our stand getting surprised by the new corporation image, showing interest in our new energy application Products and in the latest News. We are confident we can go on meeting all visitors in coming occasions of this fair.

In Nov. 2013. FGE has taken a business agreement in FEDERAL Electric Group, a very large electrical manufacturer in Turkey, FRANKE GMKP ENERGY will produce full range power capacitor for FEDERAl in order to improve their products series of power factor correction.

In Dec. 2013, FGE open the region representative office in US. The office is headed by Ms. Lynn. who has a long record of studied in USA such as UIUC and UVA ( a very top electric engineering university and a very top commerce university ) as well as the knowledge of developing power factor correction. Besides business of FRANKE GMKP ENERGY power factor correction, the office will develop and improve the new projects of our group such like low carbon & investment in North America.

2.2012 FRANKE GMKP were the Power Factor Correction supplier for service companies Thailand like Holiday Inn,Nippon,Phrae Hospital,Case Max Factory,Offering Security Operation,The Militecry Troop Transport Ship. etc.

3,2012 Our new project of International Student Incubator was opening,the incubator is a special help for the western students who are interesting his development of the original technology in China.

5.2012 FRANKE GMKP were the Power Factor Correction supplier of capacitor,reactor and controller etc. for the SAF company Sypris.

7,2012 a new design of electronic  switch which controlled capacitor up to 60Kvar was developed by FRANKE GMKP.This switch is a economic product and the similar function as the thyristor switchgear.

9,2012 the new design of 480V capacitor up to 60Kvar was developed by FRANKE GMKP for AEngineering company Pakistan.

11.2012 FRANKE GMKP were the supplier of SIEMENS for a successful tender of the series PFC engineering of APP Paper Industry.

12.2012 FRANKE GMKP were the bid winner of 3000 Pcs capacitors & devices of South Power Gird China.

2,2011 A new "Series  GMKPd Multi-Protection Capacitor" of 100% safety and long useful life capacitor  which special for the detuned system was developed by FRANKE GMKP.

3-5.2011 Continue the  Cooperation with SIEMENS & ABB for the several larger engineering of cement  power PFC in Nigeria,Senegal and the power of APP Paper PFC.

In 6,2011,the new  design GMKP capacitor was passed the full test of the standard  DAR(DAP-PL-3893.00) by the  third party of REF.Lab..

6-8.2011 FRANKE GMKP is  the tender winner of the supplier for Pole Mounting Capacitor and accessories  for NEA(Nepal Electricity Authority),Mr.Mahendra Lai Shrestha,the GM west NEA  was visiting FRANKE GMKP  to discuss a wide cooperation.

In 11,2011 for  LOVATO Italy a special series of "Real Time Switching " Thyristor products was  developed by FRANKE GMKP.

12,2011 UniCOMP  Spain was visiting FRANKE GMKP to discuss the cooperation of capacitor and  capacitor bank supply to Spain from FRANKE GMKP.

In 3,2010 a new  design of economic series of GMKPcJKL5 PFC controller and economic series foil  winging reactor were developed by FRANKE GMKP.

5.2010 FRANKE GMKP  is supplier for the completed system of the Power Factor Correction for 11th  Asia Game Halls.

5.-12 2010 FRANKE GMKP is supplier with ABB for Detuned Power Factor Correction of several Cement Engineerings in Saudi Rrabia,Oman and so on.

6.20010 Start the  supply for the materials of power capacitor and power factor correction for the  some Europe's large capacitor manufacturers.  

In 7,2010 a new  design of 3Phase 4line series capacitors was developed by FRANKE  GMKP.

8.2010 FRANKE GMKP  is supplier for Power Factor Correction Systems for Lucent,a world famous IT  company.

In 10,2010 a new  design of thyristor switch up to 60Kvar series capacitors controlled was  developed by FRANKE GMKP.

In 11,2010 for  Tradec G.f Prozess Technik GmbH Germany a special series of 480V heavy duty  capacitors was developed by FRANKE GMKP.      

12.2010 FRANKE GMKP  has sign a Joint-Venture agreement with IEC group Israel for a leading  Technology Incubators including power energy and high&new technology.

In 02,2009 for ABB a special series of 815V capacitor and reactor was developed by FRANKE GMKP. 

5.2009 Start the Cooperation with SIEMENS for the Power Quality System of German hall of the EXPO2010 in Shanghai.

The " Pollution treatment and energy saving for steel industry " book ISBN978-7-5024-4548-5 of FRANKE GMKP has been published in March

In 07,2009,the Active Harmonics Filter system for the Army Hospital 108 in Xia Men reduces the THD from 21% to <4,2% & the power factor was improved from 0,75 to 0.93.  

10.2009 FRANKE GMKP was joining the International Energy Efficiency Conference in Beijing and treatise about Power Quality & Energy Saving was published there. 

10.2009, the Management team of Thailand POWERADE company visited FRANKE GMKP to start the new partnership.  



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New Director of Business Development,Mr.Yves Schumann German will manage our global business ...   


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Important visit     


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The minister of Economic & Development Ministry of the State South Dakota US was visiting us...


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New development    

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New manufacturing site since June 2011 : FRANKE GMKP’s new factory is contiguity with the buildings SIEMENS and SHARP, the opening of our new site has not only increased our manufacturing capacity... 


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